When connecting to the www.le-clos-st-loup.fr site, SARL BRAM DU CERF may install various cookies on your terminal, subject to the choices expressed by the Internet user concerning cookies, which you can modify at any time.
The purpose of this cookies policy is to present the management of cookies by BRAM DU CERF.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file placed on your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit our website. As a result, it records certain information concerning your navigation.

What are cookies used for?

The cookies used on the clos saint loup website distinguish you in order to improve your navigation and the services proposed. Some may be used to authenticate and identify you, and facilitate your navigation on the website and also access to its various functionalities.

Other cookies can be used to establish traffic statistics for our website or to propose to you advertising according to your navigation.

Configuring your browser to accept or reject cookies

You can configure your browser to accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis before they are installed. You can also regularly remove cookies from your terminal via your browser.

To know how to manage your cookies and your user preferences, you can also look up your browser’s Help function, e.g.:

However, we inform you that by configuring your browser to refuse cookies, some functionalities, pages and areas of the website will not be accessible. BRAM DU CERF may not be held liable for this.

Giving or refusing your consent

When you visit the website, a message informs you of the use of cookies. As a result, it is up to you to accept or reject them.

However, you can go back on this decision at any time by opposing the placing of cookies.

What types of cookies are used?

Various types of cookies are used on the website, for various purposes. Some are necessary for you to use the website.

1-Cookies issued internally by BRAM DU CERF

Functionality cookies

The functionality cookies are strictly necessary to facilitate navigation on the website.

Indeed, they enable you to use the main functionalities of our website. Without these cookies, you certainly could not use the website normally.

The “essential cookies” for use of the website are not subject to consent.

To clarify, the purposes of these cookies are, in particular, as follows:

  • managing your authentication and ensuring correct operation of the authentication module;
  • memorizing the personal data filled in on the registration form for one of our products or services in order to eliminate the need to enter the same data when accessing the products and services subscribed to;
  • optimizing your experience and facilitating your navigation;
  • adapting our website to your terminal’s display preferences;
  • implementing security measures, e.g. a request for you to log in again to a content or service after a certain time lapse.

The main internal technical cookies used by BRAM DU CERF are:

Cookie name


Website or service involved


Purpose of the cookie

Store the langage preferences

The traffic measurement and analytics cookies

These cookies enable BRAM DU CERF to establish statistics concerning the number of website visits and pages viewed, and the use of its various components (sections, clickstream, etc.).

For example, these cookies help BRAM DU CERF obtain information to improve the website and its products and services.

The main traffic measurement and analytics cookies used by BRAM DU CERF are:

googleanalitycs                     le-clos-st-loup.fr                         Statistics

Finally, BRAM DU CERF does not currently use an audience measurement system.

Advertising cookies

BRAM DU CERF does not use any advertising cookie and does not use any cookie from third-party companies for the purpose of producing targeted advertising (retargeting).

Data recipients

The data collected by BRAM DU CERF via the cookies placed on its website are intended for BRAM DU CERF in accordance with the terms and conditions of its privacy policy.

Retention period

The cookies stored in your terminal or any other item used to identify you for traffic statistics or advertising purposes will have a lifetime limited to at most 13 months. This period is not extended automatically during your further visits to the website.

2-Cookies placed by third parties

Cookies of social networks and video sharing websites

BRAM DU CERF could also include on its website third-party IT applications making it possible to share our website and our products or services with other people, or make them known to those other people.

These are, in particular, the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube share buttons and videos present on our website.

Indeed, BRAM DU CERF has no control over the process employed by the social networks to collect data relating to navigation on our website or concerning our products and services associated with the personal data available to them.

It is incumbent on the website visitor to learn about the privacy policies of these social networks and video sharing websites, and in particular the purposes of such use and the navigation information that they may collect. These policies will enable you to choose your options with these social networks, in particular by configuring your user accounts.

To learn the personal privacy protection policy of the aforementioned social networks, you should type the URL of the social network of your choice, for example:


Cookies from third party mapping services

BRAM DU CERF may include on its site computer applications from third parties, allowing to provide mapping services such as Google Maps.

Cookie name

Google Maps API

Website or service involved

Google Maps

Purpose of the cookie

Request user’s IP Address

Security services cookies

BRAM DU CERF may include on its site computer applications from third parties, as a result, enabling it to provide protection and cybersecurity services.

Cookie name




Website or service involved

Cerber Security & Anti-spam

Cerber Security & Anti-spam

Google reCapchale-clos-st-loup.fr

Purpose of the cookie

Provide protection against hackers

Provide protection against hackers

Provide protection against spam

Further information on cookies

For more information on cookies, you can visit the CNIL website: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/gestion-des-cookies